OnePlus OxygenOS 14 confirmed to launch on September 25th

There have been several controversies surrounding OnePlus’s OxygenOS since the OPPO group merged it with ColorOS. While some have welcomed the added features, many fans are disappointed with the decision. However, even after the merger, OxygenOS still has its own benefits that make it superior to ColorOS. If you’re interested in learning more, we have a post outlining the differences between the two.

Regarding our main topic, the company has initiated a closed beta testing phase for some of its smartphones, such as the OnePlus 11R, with a limited number of users. However, the official stable release of OxygenOS 14 is still a long way off as this process involves several stages. We will begin with an open beta after the closed beta, followed by a few weeks of testing, and only then can we anticipate a stable rollout.


OxygenOS 14 release date confirmed!

On September 25, OxygenOS 14 is expected to be made available worldwide. Although the firm promises that OxygenOS 14 will be one of the first operating systems based on Android 14, OnePlus has not yet stated whether there will be a global event to announce the release. The goal of this release is to include a number of new features that will enhance the user experience as a whole.

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According to Kinder Liu, president and chief operating officer of OnePlus, “OnePlus has been committed to delivering a fast, smooth, and steady OxygenOS to our users.” OxygenOS 14 will be the most intelligent and user-friendly software product in OnePlus’ history when powered by the company’s most recent breakthroughs.

OxygenOS 14, the latest software skin from OnePlus, will introduce the Trinity Engine – a newly developed performance architecture that promotes better communication between hardware and software. As per the manufacturer, the Trinity Engine aims to tackle major industry challenges such as power consumption efficiency, multitasking capabilities and sustained fast and smooth performance.

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