Is there any difference between OxygenOS and ColorOS?

OxygenOS is a proprietary skin designed for OnePlus smartphones, while ColorOS is designed for OPPO smartphones. Nevertheless, BBK Electronics made the decision to merge OxygenOS and ColorOS beginning with OxygenOS 12. This significant move led to disagreement among OnePlus fans, as OxygenOS lost its appeal and is now merely a slightly altered version of ColorOS.

However, OxygenOS is still superior then ColorOS and has its own set of advantages. But are these enough to tell that OxygenOS is different than ColorOS? Let’s have a detailed insight into this!

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Beginning with the UI and overall appearance, both UIs appear identical. The sole distinction is that OnePlus utilizes a red accent in certain widgets and the lock screen clock. Apart from this, there are no visual disparities. That sums up the similarities. Now, let’s explore what sets OxygenOS apart.

Speed & Animations

Even though both the UIs use the same animation engine, some users and reviewers have clearly pointed out that the OxygenOS has slightly better and smother transitions when compared with the ColorOS. This variance may or may not be perceivable on every device, but it holds true for mid-range and flagship devices.

Less number of bloatware

OPPO has a really high number of bloatware in their smartphones, while on the other hand, OnePlus has a very less number of bloatware. Even though majority of the bloatwares are uninstallable on OPPO, it has been said that first impression is the last impression and here OnePlus wins clearly!

No in-UI advertisement

ColorOS and RealmeUI, both have a high number of in-UI advertisements. You will find many ads inside their own apps such as file manager and security app. Thankfully, these ads are not there in OxygenOS which again makes it more superior.

No irritating applications

ColorOS contains numerous bothersome applications such as the app store and phone security apps. Hot apps and games also contribute to frustration by sending annoying notifications incessantly, degrading the overall user experience. Additionally, the phone security app conducts a scan each time you install an app from the play store, which seems unnecessary and further spoils the experience. In contrast, OnePlus or OxygenOS is devoid of such spammy and pointless apps, leading to an enhanced and cleaner user experience.

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