Recruitment for OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta testers begins for OnePlus 11R in India

The Pixel 8 phone is set to launch on October 4 and will be the first to get a stable version of Android 14. The release of Android 14 is expected in September, and beta testing has already begun with other manufacturers. OnePlus is among the first companies to launch a beta program for Android 14. The OxygenOS 14 limited beta program is now available for the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Nord 3, while the OnePlus 11R has recently been added.

OnePlus 11R users can now apply for closed beta testing of OxygenOS 14

If you’re a OnePlus 11R user in India, you can now sign up for the OxygenOS 14 x Android 14 beta program. This program offers a chance to test the software before its official release, and OnePlus hopes to improve it by gathering user feedback and identifying any issues or bugs. The beta program is limited to 500 units of the OnePlus 11R. So you may or may not get approved.

To be eligible for participation, you must meet certain requirements. Firstly, you should have the Indian version of the OnePlus 11R. It is also important that you actively participate in the OnePlus Community by frequently providing feedback and reporting any issues or suggestions through the Feedback App. Moreover, being willing to interact with the OnePlus team and other users in a civil manner on the CBT Telegram channel is expected of you.

OxygenOS 14 beta, a beta software, is accompanied by a series of well-recognized issues that users should be aware of. Firstly, there’s an error denoted as “The service governance framework has stopped running” that may occur during standby while navigating the Storage page.
It’s worth noting that the charging icon on the lock screen doesn’t display a decimal point. Additionally, some users may receive an error message saying “The network service has stopped running” when trying to access the mobile network page. Another thing to remember is that the version details page might not show any information about the network connection.
There are a few issues that users may encounter with the phone’s display. Firstly, the brightness of the Always-On Display (AOD) may not be consistent with what is expected. Secondly, when a theme is applied, returning to the desktop may result in a black screen, which can be inconvenient. Lastly, there may be a brief flash on the screen after clicking the automatic brightness adjustment icon in the status bar, especially noticeable in low ambient light conditions.

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