OnePlus Might Unveil the OxygenOS 14 in Late Summer 2023

Google has recently initiated developer testing for their forthcoming Android 14 OS. The testing phase is underway, and we can anticipate the official announcement of the operating system in the near future. Once Google publicly unveils Android 14, we can expect other brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, and OPPO to swiftly introduce their updated user interfaces built upon the Android 14 platform.

Many OEMs have already released the developer preview of Android 14 for their devices. Even OnePlus has released a limited developer preview of the Android 14 operating system for their OnePlus 11 flagship smartphone. However, the preview is based on OxygenOS 13 only and there’s no word on the official release of OxygenOS 14 yet.

OxygenOS 14 represents the forthcoming user interface exclusively crafted for OnePlus smartphones, built upon the foundation of the Android 14 operating system. Anticipation is high among users for the official release of OxygenOS 14. This new user interface will introduce an enhanced visual design, introduce novel functionalities, and further optimize the overall performance of the device.

Flagship OnePlus 11 Grabs OxygenOS 13.1 Update with Enhanced Gaming Experience


Based on the leaks and the latest buzz, it’s being whispered that the OxygenOS 14 beta firmware might make its debut around August 2023. Just last year, OnePlus rolled out OxygenOS 13 during the same timeframe, right after Android 13 hit the scene. Although things seem to be taking a tad longer this year, it’s not too far-fetched to expect the grand reveal of OxygenOS 14 beta some time in late August or early September 2023.

Right after the big reveal, the brand will waste no time rolling out the update to their devices. The OnePlus 11 smartphone will be the first in line to receive the update, closely followed by the OnePlus 11R, then the OnePlus 10 series, and lastly the OnePlus 9 series. We’re anticipating the full rollout to be wrapped up for all eligible devices by December or January 2024. Stay tuned for the upgrade!

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