Android 14 features those ColorOS 14 will have!

Innovations that will come with ColorOS 14 are slowly starting to become clear. Android 14 Beta 2 was released by Google in past days, all smartphone brands got the new Android version released at the Google I/O 2023 event. Of course, OPPO is one of the brands that received this update. Since the upcoming ColorOS 14 version will be based on Android 14. So, Android 14 innovations are of great interest to us. In this article, we will talk about upcoming ColorOS 14 features based on this.

Upcoming ColorOS 14 Features!

ColorOS 14, OPPO’s upcoming next ColorOS update will be based on Android 14. In this direction, it will have the innovations and new features that will come with Android 14. Many innovations were mentioned at the Google I/O 2023 event, new features coming with Android 14 Beta 2. Features such as more customizable lock screens, artificial intelligence created wallpapers, redesigned back gesture, per-app language support and much more will come with ColorOS 14.

ColorOS 14 will be more customizable

With Android 14 Beta 2, we will now have a customizable lock screen, which Google has been trying to bring for years and we finally saw this at the Google I/O 2023 event. Android 14 allows you to customize the lockscreen with a variety of different options. On top of that, you might prefer a more different interface that rearranges other data on your lockscreen, such as current weather conditions and date. In Android 14, you will be able to use AI to create wallpapers. Also with Android 14, there are many visual improvements such as minor tweaks to the system UI (more advanced system animations, redesigned back arrow for gesture navigation, etc.).

New Android 14 customizations will come with ColorOS 14. However, with the tweaks and additions to be made by OPPO, it seems to meet users with much more detailed and extra features.

ColorOS 14 will be more secure and private

Of course, most important innovations that will come with Android 14 and ColorOS 14 are the regulations in the field of security & privacy. One of the biggest differences in terms of security & privacy that comes with Android 14 is outdated Android apps blocked by Android System. Google says this change specifically targets Android 5.1 (Lollipop) APIs and apps built for older versions. This change is significant considering that malware often targets applications that use legacy APIs.

This change means that many abandoned apps cannot be installed on Android 14. Another change is that you will be able to turn off animations when entering your PIN. This will make it difficult for anyone looking at you to see that you have entered and memorized your PIN. This small change could be the difference between whether someone can access your phone or not. As of now, this feature is disabled by default. Google also combats malware and exploits by adjusting its intent system and dynamic code loading. Many arrangements in terms of security & privacy will come with ColorOS 14.

Other ColorOS 14 innovations and changes

Another new feature coming with Android 14 includes some cool new lockscreen animations as you type your PIN. Also, Android 14 will support Ultra HDR feature for your photos & videos. With Android 14, app developers can limit the app to disability-focused accessibility services and shows which apps are using your location for various reasons and sometimes shares your data with 3rd parties. Also, per-app language support is now available, enjoy the ability to choose different languages per-app.

ColorOS 14, which will debut with Android 14, will have all the new features in question, maybe even more. ColorOS 14 innovations in question are of course also valid for OnePlus and upcoming OxygenOS 14. As you know, OnePlus 11, OPPO Find N2 Flip and realme GT 2 Pro devices received the Android 14 Beta 2 update recently. If you want to get ColorOS updates early, you can check out this article. So what do you think about this subject, how do you think ColorOS 14 will be? Don’t forget to comment below and stay tuned for more.

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