About Oppo News

Oppo News is the another Oppo community, who’s mission is to give you the most accurate info on leaks, new products, releases and more. Our main goal is to be your main source for news related to technology, whether it be about Oppo, or any other brand. We’re a small group of people from all around the world, who try to make sure that you’re receiving the latest news, about new product releases, updates, custom ROMs, leaks, and more. We’ve been working hard at our Oppo community mission since 2019, and have amassed a large following, and we hope that it will get larger each coming day. We gather our information from secret and accurate sources and our main object is to please you, the reader.

This is not an official Oppo website. The Oppo and the ColorOS name are property on BBK. This website belongs to Oppo news, the unofficial fan community. We keep lots of Oppo news, reviews and leaks for our followers.

Oppo News Milestones


We has presented the leaks that will be released to the Global market and some Oppo, OnePlus news to Chinese phone lovers on Xiaomiui.


We have established the Oppo News website, which will have more up-to-date, clearer and more advanced information about OPPO, the brand of the future. We reached 1000 constant readers in the first month. Our goal is to be the site that produces news and content for the biggest OPPO.

The Oppo News Team

Burak Mete Erdoğan

General Manager

Owner of Oppo News.

Emir Bardakçı

Editor in Chief

21 years old graphic designer.

Erdil Sualp Bayram

Social Media Manager

A xiaomi lover.

Deniz Kalkan

News Writer

Computer programming student from Turkey. Also a tech enthusiast.


News Writer

Chandan, a 17-year-old writer, is gaining recognition in the tech industry. He writes for Gizmochina and has contributed to sites like Xiaomiui and DealNTech. In his free time, Chandan expresses his creativity through drawing and painting. Despite his young age, he is dedicated, hardworking, and pays great attention to detail, striving for excellence in all his endeavors.

Furkan Çakmak

News Writer

I'm Furkan from OPPO News. I have been conveying OPPO, OnePlus and Realme news to our followers. For your opinions and other feedbacks, you can reach me on many social platforms with my username (@furkancakmak34x). Keep following OPPO News for unique and up-to-date contents.

Kadir Can AKINCI

News Writer

I am a tech enthusiast, love the phones and their cameras even more, currently studying computer science in Turkey. You can reach me out through mail.

Enes Çiçek

Content Writer

20 years old editor.

Taha Süreyya Dündar

Content Writer

My name is Taha, I am 18 years old. I actively follow technology and write articles.


Content Writer

Hello there, I'm Çağan. Just a guy who likes tinkering with devices, and writing articles about them.

Mehmet Demirbaş

Content Writer

My name is Mehmet Demirbaş. I enjoy writing a lot, it is very important for me to deliver the most accurate information to people quickly.