Xiaomi 67W universal charger is here, compatible with Huawei and OPPO’s fast charging technology!

Since every brand use their own charging technologies, it is quite annoying to carry a different charger for each device, if you’re annoyed too you might consider to use Xiaomi 67W universal charger to get rid of this.

Xiaomi 67W universal charger – Compatible with Huawei, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi’s new charger comes with the UFCS 1.0 protocol and is capable of fast charging many smart devices on the market. The charger has two ports, so you get a maximum of 67W while charging a single device, and a total power of 65W while charging two devices at the same time (20W + 45W). Why do the proprietary charging technologies of Chinese brands hold significance, given the existence of a universal standard like Power Delivery?

In comparison to Chinese smartphone brands, like Apple, Google, and Samsung, none of the Korean or US based manufacturers provide charging that is faster than 45W. For instance, iPhone 14 Pro features 15W wireless charging, whereas some Chinese brands offer wireless charging of up to 50W, which is faster than even Samsung’s wired charging. Cutting edge charging technologies are used and new standards are being set to achieve fast charging and Xiaomi’s new charger is a solution to this problem.

The charger is currently available in China, but it’s not certain if we’ll get the Xiaomi 67W universal charger on the global market, but what’s certain is that everyone needs one. In addition, this charger is currently on sale in China for only 89 Chinese Yuan, which is about 13 USD.

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