Realme moves their TechLife products into the Narzo lineup

Following their recent teasing of the Narzo N55, Chinese tech giant Realme, known for their budget smartphones and smart accessories is taking a leap forward in their branding, moving their TechLife brand of products into their Narzo lineup.

TechLife products moved to the Narzo lineup

The announcement was made earlier today on Twitter by the Realme Narzo India page, announcing that they would be moving TechLife forward. The aforementioned tweet reads:

The TechLife lineup consisted of products like their smart vacuum cleaners, true wireless earbuds, and watches. We’re not sure if these products will be re-released under the Narzo brand or left behind as Realme moves forward, as they are still listed under the TechLife brand in the Realme India website, but we’ll just have to wait until Realme releases new devices under this brand. For now, we’re waiting for them to officially announce their Realme Narzo N55, which they have recently teased.

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