OPPO shuts down the production facility in Turkey and shifts to Egypt instead.

OPPO is a company that makes production not only in China but also in many countries including Turkey. New reports indicate that OPPO has made the decision to close its production facility in Turkey while simultaneously initiating plans to establish a new manufacturing facility in Egypt.

OPPO shuts down the Turkish production facility

Despite facing strong competition from major brands such as Samsung, iPhone, and Xiaomi in Turkey, OPPO has enjoyed a commendable sales rate in the Turkish market, making it one of the most preferred smartphone brand. In 2021, OPPO invested $50 million to launch its production facility in Tuzla (Turkey). However, in the following days OPPO started layoffs and temporarily stopped production.

New rumors suggest that OPPO has completely shut down its facility in Turkey and a new one is planned to be opened in Egypt. While OPPO continues to face legal challenges from the Nokia lawsuit in Europe, no official statement has been provided regarding the closure of the Turkish facility.

The closure of the OPPO’s facility in Turkey may not solely be attributed to OPPO’s European troubles, but also to the economic challenges faced in Turkey. The country has witnessed extreme inflation rates, resulting in a constant increase in the prices of various products, including electronic devices.

OPPO is not the only company venturing into Egypt for setting up production facilities; some tech giants have recently taken a similar attitude. The upcoming days will reveal how OPPO will perform with their new facilities.

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