OnePlus launches self-service option for TV installation in India

OnePlus is one of the leading Television manufacturer brands in India. The firm also achieved its highest-ever year-on-year growth percentage this year. They have been working effortlessly to provide a seamless experience to their users. Besides that, the brand has now announced its all-new self-service option in the country, which further pushes the level of user experience with the brand.

Previously, setting up a TV was often a complex task that involved customers reaching out to agents and going through multiple registration procedures. However, OnePlus has acknowledged this problem and brought up an alternative for its users.

“We know our customers have had difficulties with TV installation before, and we’re sorry for any problems it caused. Our self-installation service aims to tackle these issues and make the process easier,” stated a spokesperson from OnePlus.

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The self-service option lets you sit at home and arrange the installation, eliminating the need for a third-party agent. You might be wondering how the registration will work in this case. Well, OnePlus has a dedicated website where you can enter your information and select the “Self-service” installation mode. This will register your product and your service request right away.

Simply follow a three-step process to access the self-service option and register your device for the service request. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Use your phone to scan the QR code shown in the picture that comes with this announcement. It will take you to the OnePlus self-installation portal.

Step 2: Input your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number or choose your device from the provided options.

Step 3: Go to the Service Request page and choose “Installation” as the type of service. Then, click on “continue.”

After following these easy steps, customers can just sit back and let OnePlus handle the rest. A team of skilled technicians will be sent to their location to install the OnePlus TV with great accuracy and efficiency.

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