OnePlus 9 users are facing green-line issues after the latest software update

OnePlus 9 is among the most popular smartphones introduced by the brand. The device was launched alongside the top-of-the-line OnePlus 9 Pro. Lately, it has received complaints regarding display problems. Several users have reported observing a peculiar green and pink line appearing on their display after updating the smartphone to the latest version.

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On the official forums, a member of the OnePlus community vented his annoyance about the sudden appearance of green and pink-white vertical lines on his device’s screens. A wave of dissatisfaction over the issue has prompted calls for a fix as well as criticism of the OnePlus corporation.

The complaint filed by Sabbir Hossain, along with a photo showing his OnePlus 9 device exhibiting 14 vertical green lines and 3 pink-white lines, brought attention to a possible widespread issue. Although the exact cause of these lines remains uncertain, users believe it is a hardware malfunction rather than a software problem. Those affected have expressed their discontent, expressing disappointment, and frustration towards OnePlus.

Sabbir Hossain, in his passionate message, expressed his disappointment with OnePlus and their handling of the issue. His comments contained strong language and revealed a profound frustration. It is worth noting that these angry expressions do not represent the feelings of all OnePlus users, but emphasize the level of discontent among certain individuals.

Following Sabbir Hossain’s complaint, fellow members of the OnePlus Community have shown understanding and shared comparable encounters. Several users have described facing the same display problems, while others have proposed potential solutions or recommended reaching out to OnePlus customer support for help. The community’s response highlights the shared hope for a resolution and a favorable outcome from OnePlus.

We have encountered similar issues in the past. Several users have complained about this problem occurring on their smartphone screens, regardless of the brand and model. However, a common factor in most cases is that the panels were supplied by Samsung. Yet, no official statement has been made by any brand regarding the exact cause of this issue.

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