OnePlus 11 to have Android 14 Developer Preview!

OnePlus 11 could officially get Android 14 Developer Preview very soon. Android 14 Developer Preview is currently available for Pixel phones, and OnePlus 11 will be just another phone to run an early version of Android 14.

Android 14 Developer Preview on OnePlus 11

Although Android 14 is still a work in progress, it brings many new features. One of the most exciting among these is the predictive gesture, where the backward animation changes entirely, displaying for a brief moment the page that will appear just before you go back. Additionally, if an app requires to access photos on your gallery, you can now grant access to specific photos only. For instance, let’s say you just downloaded a new app and want to upload a photo to inside the app, but also have concerns about granting the app access to your private photos, Android 14 enables you to specify which photos the app can access.

It’s unclear whether OnePlus 11 will incorporate these features, as it remains to be seen whether Android 14 DP will be a close-to-stock interface or a slightly modified version of ColorOS. OnePlus posted a story on its official Instagram page featuring the OnePlus 11 running the Android 14 Developer Preview. However, the image was removed shortly after.

Fortunately, a user on the OnePlus Community was able to save the original post. It’s unclear why OnePlus deleted the photo since they didn’t release any statement after doing so. It’s possible that they removed it because Android 14 DP is not yet running stable on OnePlus 11. In previous versions of the Developer Preview, users experienced significant issues with their OnePlus phones.


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