Indian Government Probes Realme for Unauthorized Data Collection

There is a feature called “Enhanced Intelligent Services” that has become a topic of discussion on the internet. This setting is present in ColorOS smartphones and is said to collect user data without their knowledge or consent. The issue was first raised in relation to a Realme smartphone, but it has now been confirmed that the same setting exists on other devices from OPPO and OnePlus.

Not only does it collect data without anyone’s consent, but the data is also extremely sensitive and is done so under the pretext of improving user experience.

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Realme seems to be doing this by default. Those people who use Realme phones have no way of knowing they’re being tracked unless they head over to a particular setting and turn it off manually. This issue has been flagged by Twitter user @rishibagree.

The tweet went viral in no time and it reached the feed of Information Technology (IT) Minister of Government of India, Rajeev Chandrasekhar. He replied to the situation and said that “Will have this checked and tested.” Let’s see how to Government reacts to this.

Furthermore, the brand has not yet responded, which fuels the flames of controversy. Go to settings and type “Intelligent” to find this setting if you have a Realme, OPPO, or OnePlus smartphone. We advise you to disable this option as soon as you can.

The majority of mobile phones and mobile apps have access to your private data, including contacts, messages, and other things. However, the decision to share or not disclose that data is typically left up to the user. If the user is unaware that his or her data is being tracked without his or her knowledge, the situation warrants concern. And this is the case with ColorOS smartphones as well as it does not ask for any permission and is turned on be default.


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